Gender-Based Violence, Trauma & Basic Counselling Skills

The 1000 Women Trust is a registered Trust in South Africa (IT738/2014) and a Women’s Organisation that works in South Africa to mobilise resources and raise awareness around Gender Based Violence, rape and abuse.

The objectives of the 1000 Women Trust is to mobilize resources to give grants and access to skills to women’s organisations that support, raise awareness and provide opportunities for women and children who have been affected by violence. Most of the Community Based Organisations does not have the capacity to attract funding from funders, but have the solutions to the challenges.

The 1000 Women Trust creates awareness of the impact of violence on the lives women and children on our society and our country. We provide solidarity with women, amplify the voices of activist and advocate for change the can STOP domestic violence, abuse and rape.

During the past two years we have heard the stories of so many women and children who are survivors of gender-based violence. Recently the rate of Femicide has increased by 117 % and South African women have said #EnoughisEnough #AmINext #SpeakOut. We salute these women and young women, who have been courageous to share their stories, motivate and encourage so many other women who for years had to carry the burden with them.

This has also seen the increase of trauma and vulnerability, this has caused to the women, and an increase of women seeking support to deal with unresolved trauma. Various organisations and Call Centres are available to support them, but very often they do not have the information, or need a person just to talk to and most of all feel safe with. Sometimes in public places they feel unsafe and need support.

Our country is saturated with trauma, whether from historical incidences, apartheid, or the current living conditions. The rate of violence has escalated to epidemic proportions and it cannot be left to professional services alone to solve the issues or be the helping hand to those who are at the receiving end of violence and being traumatised.

Communities need to become safe spaces again and in order for that to happen, individuals need to become safe persons, first for themselves and then for others who are being victimised. For a person to be a safe space in the community, they need to understand themselves, their own triggers and be able to respond appropriately without causing any more harm to themselves and those around them. Once a person can do that for themselves and within their own family, they can be a safe person for others. In that way communities can become safe spaces again and not stay a “war zone” where everyone operates in survival mode and demonstrate a trauma response. This will enable communities to become empowered.

We developed a 3 HOUR workshop where we will provide Women and Men with basic listening skills and the tools to create a safe space, be a safe person to women and children in distress and provide immediate support to them. These tools will enable women to support each other. We encourage counsellors to host sessions with communities.


Our objective is to be Trauma informed, create a safe space and refer people appropriately! During the training we will address the following:

  • A) What is GBV (Gender-Based Violence)
  • B) Understanding Trauma/How to be a Safe Space/Safe Person
  • C) Listening skills / Basic Counselling
  • D) Helpline Information and Counselling Services

Communities and Women’s Organisations can request tools from the 1000 Women Office and can host sessions, Training is also provided. All the tools and Manuals are available on the website and can be downloaded for your use at various training opportunities. Find the information on

Contact for tools and more information.

Counselling Sessions: Please note: Radio Tygerberg 104fm has a FREE counselling session Monday to Fridays. There are also FREE counselling sessions at Southside Church, Sunvalley, every Tuesday from 9-12. The Counselling Hub offers affordable counselling sessions. Philippi Trust is hosting counselling training, please book online

Violence Against Women – Interactive Infographic – UN Women

At least 60 million girls who would otherwise be expected to be alive are 'missing' from various populations as a result of sex-selective abortions or neglect.


Up to 70% of women face physical and/or sexual violence in their lifetime


At least 130 million women have been forced to undergo female genital mutilation/cutting.


Each year, an estimated 800,000 people are trafficked across borders – 80 per cent of them women and girls. Most of them end up trapped in the commercial sex trade.

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